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Kobalt Air Compressor

Kobalt Air Compressor

It is impossible to overstate the importance of air compressors in industries, as well as by experts and consumers. Normal air is compressed into denser, higher-pressured air by these air compressors. The converted air is then used to power other machine elements such as heating and cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, pumping, and tire inflation.

Professionals and DIYers alike are familiar with the Kobalt Air Compressor brand. The Kobalt group stands out because its products are light, portable, simple to use, and precise. Furthermore, Lowes makes Kobalt air compressors.

There are several important features to check for when purchasing a Kobalt air compressor, including air pressure (PSI), tank sizes, single-stage or two-stage, cubic feet per minute (CFM), direct drive or belt drive, duty cycle, oil or oil-less, moisture problems, and life expectancy.

Kobalt air compressors are built to handle large-scale, heavy-duty activities while remaining as small and portable as feasible. These air compressors are ideal for use in both woodworking shops and home garages.

The best Kobalt air compressor can have a 175 PSI maximum tank pressure, a 240 Volt 5 HP motor, and the ability to power a wide range of air tools.

Kobalt Two Gallon Air Compressor

Because of its exceptional lightness, this product has captured the hearts of consumers. It is powered by a corded electric power supply and operates at 120 volts. The maximum pressure is 125 PSI, which accounts for the prolonged use you get from a single fill. Its pump is oil-free and comes with an electric air compressor with a fast coupler for easy operation.



Kobalt 120v & 12v Portable Air Compressor Inflator Tire

This inflator is a necessary item in the tank of your car or truck since it is powered by a 120-V power outlet and can also be charged from your vehicle’s 12 V outlet. Also, it has a maximum pressure of 120 PSI.

It can handle the inflation of automobile, motorcycle, and ATV tires fairly swiftly. Additionally, it can be used to inflate air mattresses, sex dolls, and beach toys.

Simply plug it into a 12-volt power outlet in your vehicle or a conventional 120-volt socket in your home.

The 26-foot hose on the inflator gives you plenty of reach to operate the device anywhere you need it. It can be used at night or in low-light settings because of its built-in LED lights.

Two sports needles and a raft nozzle are included, and the Presta valve adapter on the inflator provides a tight connection between your object and the inflator. In a similar manner, the accessory storage section keeps everything in one place.

However, we were startled to learn that this inflator does not come with a carrying case, which must be purchased separately.

Kobalt 8 Gallon Air Compressor

This eight-gallon compressor provides all the power you need at home or on the job. It has the same power as the larger Kobalt air compressors, but it has a smaller air capacity, making it more portable. Furthermore, it can power a wide range of tools with a maximum of 120 volts. Because of its 1.8-Hp copper winding induction motor, the compressor has an extended shelf life.

An oil-free pump requires less maintenance and is more efficient. The existence of a detachable handle and rubber wheels makes transportation and storage simple. This compressor’s entirely enclosed motor acts as a soundproofing device. It has a horizontal design that may be put flat to save room.

A control center with two-inch steel case gauges, a regulator, and a brass fast coupler for simple access are among the other intriguing features.



Kobalt LK20175-Kobalt 1.8-HP 20-Gallon

The LK20175 is Kobalt’s greatest portable air compressor to date, and it’s also the first on our list to include an oil-free pump for easy cleaning and reliability starting in sub-zero conditions.

A sturdy 120-Volt motor powers KOBALT’s 20-gallon compressor, which delivers 175 maximum PSI and 4.0 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) at 90 PSI (Pound per Square Inch).

The 175 maximum PSI (pounds per square inch) and 145 PSI (pounds per square inch) beginning pressures give more usable air storage in the 20-gallon tank, allowing for longer air tool run periods and user optimum tool performance.

We suggest this compressor for car maintenance and heavy equipment repairs. It also handles medium-duty spray painting, nailing, and finishing jobs nicely.

In addition, the LK20175 model can be used to power most framing and roofing nail guns, as well as inflate large truck tires.

There are two quick-connect air connectors on this compressor for multiple tool usage. The air filter in the canister prolongs the life of the device and decreases noise to 78 dB(A) for a quieter work environment, while the vertical design takes up less space.

Simultaneously, the compressor’s seven-inch wheels make it easy to move around the job site.

Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3 Gallon Portable Electric Twin-Stack

There are two things to keep in mind with this compressor right away. The first is that it has a handle and wheels, allowing you to easily roll it from one location to another. It’s critical to be able to move your compressor from one location to another with ease.

The compressor’s second distinguishing feature is that it is quieter than other compressors. There are moments in a home shop that you must be cautious of your neighbors. Because it has a quieter mode, you can use it more regularly without worrying about annoying your neighbors.

You can also monitor pressure with this Kobalt compressor, which is a cool function. Additionally, you may monitor both gauges to see where pressure is at any given time, whether it’s outlet pressure or tank pressure.

This compressor is also composed of steel, providing it with higher quality and a longer lifespan. Even better, the higher quality does not necessitate more room. It’s more compact than some of the larger industrial models when it comes to storage.

Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank

The multi-purpose tank has a rounded form with a top handle, similar to a huge duffel bag. Its one-of-a-kind design also allows it to perform a variety of one-of-a-kind functions.

A four-foot high-pressure line is included with this tank. It includes a ball chuck for refilling tires and can also serve as a reservoir between your compressor and some of your tools. This function can increase your compressor’s output. It’s also portable and may be used with nailers and staplers thanks to the handle.

Kobalt 30 Gallon Air Compressor

This older Kobalt air compressor model includes a two-stage pump with a maximum air pressure of 175 psi. It is powered by an electric motor and operated by a belt. A dual voltage motor powers the Kobalt 30 gallon electric air compressor. It’s already wired for 240 volts. It may be wired for 240 volts as well. Out of the box, it draws 15 amps on 128 circuits and 7.5 amps on 240V. It has a cast iron lubricated pump and a 2 horsepower electric motor.

At 90 psi, the CFM rate is 6.1, and at 40 psi, the CFM rating is 6.1. It has air-filled tires that allow it to roll freely and it comes with a pleated air filter. The air compressor also features a trip reset on the motor to prevent any harm from occurring if it overheats. Airbrushing, bolting, brad nailing, finish nailing, stapling, framing nailing, and other high-pressure activities are all possible with this electric air compressor.

Kobalt’s 80-gallon Air Compressor

The Kobalt XC802000 is the best 80-gallon air compressor Kobalt has to offer.

This 80-gallon compressor is capable of a wide range of heavy-duty tasks, including painting a car, sanding, and even fixing a jet engine.

Its heart, however, is a large 240-Volt, 5-HP heavy-duty induction motor that provides immense air pressure, allowing you to run a variety of tools for longer periods of time.

A sturdy cast-iron, oil-lubricated air pump comes standard on this Kobalt 2-stage stationary electric air compressor. Because of the pump’s great efficiency (175 PSI peak pressure), you can use more pneumatic tools at a higher flow rate.


The breadth of Kobalt’s air compressor portfolio is impressive. If you look at the enormous table above, you notice that they build compressors with 80-gallon tanks as well as two-gallon tanks to meet the various needs of their customers.

Furthermore, Kobalt is comparable to DeWalt in terms of reliability, ease of use, and low maintenance.

The overall degree of user satisfaction with Kobalt air compressors is above average, while the company’s customer service policy might be improved.

Kobalt’s compressed air systems, on the whole, offer good value for money. Please keep in mind that the majority of the types discussed above feature oil-lubricated pumps, which necessitate frequent technical inspections.

True, there are variants with oil-free pumps, but they are less powerful and thus unsuitable for industrial use.

Finally, unlike rotary screw air compressors, all of the eight types discussed above are piston compressors, which ensures they can maintain a 100 percent duty cycle for a shorter period of time.

Kobalt’s models, on the other hand, are worth every penny you pay for the diversity of jobs they can handle. We strongly advise you to test your product before finalizing your purchase.

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