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What Is the Best Jump Starter with Air Compressor: Buying Guide for Beginners

What Is the Best Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Ever lost power by the side of the road or tried to start your car in the morning only to find the battery completely drained or your tire soft? Yeah, so have we! That gut-punching feeling is not one any of us enjoy, which is why we are interested in finding the best jump starter and air compressor for portable use.

Below, we discuss what makes a portable jump starter great and how to find the perfect air compressing combo machine. We have also found five of the best models on the market today to help you with your search!

What Is a Jump Starter with Air Compressor?

Air compressing tools are used for inflating tires and correcting the pressure, so they are handy tools by themselves. A jump starter provides a shock of electricity to bring a dead vehicle battery back to life- something else you could certainly use in a jam!

Having both the jump starter and compressor built into one? Well, that is the jackpot.

Priority Features

Overall, what matters the most is reliability and power. You need a machine with enough kick to get your car on the move again, but not so much you end up overinflating a tire. Features such as a reverse polarity warning or advanced pressure gauge are great safety tools because they help you monitor and control the situation.

You also want to check the peak amp rating and the instant amp capability to get an idea of how easily it can help your car. Big vehicles require a lot more juice, so always read the specs before you buy.

Our Top Five Pick Jump Starters with Air Compressor


Our top-pick jump starter with an air compressor is the DXAEJ14 by DEWALT. It comes complete with all the bells and whistles you could need or want, including a reverse polarity alarm, two USB ports, an advanced LED digital display, and impressive power specs.

At 1400 air compressor peak amps and 700 instant amps for jump-starting, the DXAEJ14 has enough power to re-start your car’s battery without breaking a sweat. It is a bit bigger than many portable jump starters with dimensions of almost 12 by 13 inches, but it is still surprisingly lightweight, so it is easy to carry around.

The only negative review of this jump starter with a built-in air compressor is the internal battery capacity, as it reportedly loses charge faster than it should after one year. As long as you keep the sealed lead acid battery charged and cared for, the DEWALT DXAEJ14 can keep your car battery alive and car tires inflated for years.

The DEWALT Digital Portable Jump Starter and Air Compressor come in between $159.99 and $199.99, depending on what source you buy it from. Even at the top end of that price range, the value for money is excellent when you consider the capability and features of this machine. It also comes with free delivery within the US to sweeten the deal.

POTEK Jump Starter Source with Inflator

This jump starter and air compressor combo by POTEK is as high performance as they come, reaching 150 PSI and between 900 and 1500 peak amps, depending on what model you chose. The JL88 is the latest and best edition, and easily one of the best jump starters with a combo air compressor on the market today.

POTEK’s JL88 model includes a 300-watt inverter and a dual USB charging port, not to mention auto-stop safety features and an advanced sure-fit nozzle. You can safely jump-start a dead battery or inflate a flat tire without the risk of overdoing it.

Overall, the POTEK range of jump starters and air compressors is reliable and impressive. It weighs a little over eight kilograms, so it is easy to carry to a roadside jump start rescue or to move around to inflate car tires if needs be. Although not one of the most affordable models, it is well worth the money for peace of mind knowing you have a reliable jump starter with plenty of portable power.

Depending on what version of this model you go for (the JL86, 87, 0r 88), the price varies from $79.99 to $139.99. The 88 is the most advanced of the three models, with a much higher instant amp capability. If you have a larger vehicle, this is something you need. On the other hand, the 86 is perfectly capable of jump-starting small cars and still has an impressive max PSI.

Clore Automotive JNCAIR 1700

Clore Automotive’s Jump-N-Carry Air Compressor and Jump Starter is amongst the most robust portable jump starters. It has an extremely high power output that is strong enough to light up any car battery, including that of a heavy-duty truck.

Coming in at a little under 13 kilograms, it is one of the heavier models on our list, but its compact design makes it easy to store. It also comes with a built-in AC charger for added convenience and to ensure you always have enough power if your car battery dies.

Unfortunately, it does not have a USB power port like a few other jump starters on our list, but it more than makes up for it in other areas. The built-in LED light display, unrivaled cranking power, and industrial-grade accessories all add to the appeal of this machine.

If your priority is serious jump-starting power, reliable onboard battery charging, and durable add-ons, the Clore Automotive JNCAIR 1700 is the best portable jump starter for you.

The JNCAIR 1700 by Clore Automotive is a little pricey, but it certainly does pack a lot in its punch. If budget is not a huge concern for you and you are more interested in reliable, premium quality then this could be the one for you. This includes extra long jumper cables, industrial clamps, and a durable rubber boot.

Schumacher SJ1331

One of the best jump starters with an air compressor on a budget is the Schumacher SWWJ1331. It easily restarts dead batteries and corrects tire pressure, all in a package so convenient and portable it could almost fit in the glove box! At around four and a half kilos, this compact jump starter is the ideal power pack to keep stored in your car for emergencies.

Although not as powerful as many jump starters on this list, it handles normal car batteries without and problems, it is just not suitable for larger vehicles. The lithium-ion batteries connect to a built-in charger for consistent performance. It includes jumper cables, a USB port, and digital LED lights.

One of the best features of the Schumacher SJ1331 is the adaptable power cord connections that let you do so much more than jump start. Use it as a portable power supply for laptops and other electronic devices or adapt the airflow to inflate bicycle tires or operate an air hose.

STANLEY J5C09 Portable Jump Starter

The STANLEY J5C09 Portable Power Station is a lead-acid jump starter with bright LED lighting and more power than most jump starters in its price bracket. It can hit up to 1000 peak amps or 500 instant amps and works just as well as normal air compressors.

Because it works with lead-acid batteries, the power supply is impressive, as long as you recharge it regularly between uses. The USB port lets you charge other items while the air pressure dial adjusts to suit car tires, bike tires, or anything else with wheels.

Standard extension cord adaptors come included, as do the positive and negative terminals. Easily control how many amps you want to deliver with a handy control panel and high-powered LED light display.

Compared to the average jump starter with air compressor reviews, people tend to say this model is a little noisy. However, they are also seriously impressed by how well-built and durable the machine is in general.

STANLEY J5C09 is another very well-priced machine. Considering how many advanced features and accessories this air compressor and jump starter combo has on offer, this is one friendly price tag.

Final Thoughts

A jump starter with an air compressor built-in is an extremely useful tool to have on hand in times of crisis. You would not be the first or last to find yourself stuck by the side of the road on a cold morning trying desperately to find some power. Having a jump starter on hand removes that risk entirely.

The best jump starter/air compressor combos are reliable, sturdy, and powerful. Check out these five models on Amazon for more details!

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