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The Best Small Portable Air Compressor on the Market

Small Portable Air Compressor

What Is a Portable Air Compressor?

A portable air compressor provides airflow through an air hose which can be used to operate pneumatic tools or any air tool; they can be used as a tire inflator for truck tires and other objects that require air flow to work or be used.

Some portable air compressors can be gas-powered; in this case, they may have the functionality to operate two pneumatic tools; however, for the most part, they can be used through a DC/AC charger.

Why Use a Portable Air Compressor

Have you ever encountered a flat during a road trip? Maybe your kids want to kick the ball around or go for a bike ride, but the bike tire is flat – know what would be handy? Portable air compressors don’t only pump up that deflated bicycle tire and ball, but can also help check your car’s tire too.

If you are unsure whether or not you should invest in an air compressor pump or where you would use it, consider the three following scenarios.


Initially, air compressors were large, bulky, and loud; however, nowadays, most portable air compressors you can purchase feature a LED flashlight and carrying bag. These added features make investing in a portable air compressor for those backwood needs.

Roadside Support

The last thing someone wants to deal with during a family trip is a flat tire; however, at the same time, no one wants to pack a heavy piece of equipment that may or may not be used. Thankfully, there is an assortment of mini air compressors that one can find and purchase to bring along on their road trips. When shopping for an air compressor to have in your car, consider looking for compressors that are identified as portable compressors.

Around the House Air Needs

From sporting equipment to bicycle tires and DIY projects around the home that require a small compressor – investing in a portable air compressor can be handy. Is there are a room you would like to use your paint sprayers on? A portable air compressor offers just enough power to help your machine operate.

What Portable Compressor Should I Buy?

Understanding your needs and purpose for buying a compressor is going to dictate what kind you buy. There are name-brand compressors, the DeWalts, the Bostitch, and more; however, if you are more about functionality and features, lesser-known brands offer just that.

To determine which compressor to invest in, make a list of must-have features, followed by extra add-ons that would be great to have but are not a necessity. Do you have a lot of space to store your compressor? If not, maybe purchasing a pancake air compressor is best as they are flat and easier to keep.

Is battery or rechargeable better for your needs? If that is the case, you want to invest in an oil-free pump compressor.

These are a few things you should be asking yourself when starting the search for a compressor to invest in.

How Do You Size a Portable Air Compressor?

Determining the type of air compressor to buy depends on the size, compactness, and functionality. It is for this reason that air compressors are often described by their shape; for example, there are hot dog air compressors and pancake air compressors.

How can a pancake or hotdog be an air compressor? They have received these names because of the shape they take. Hotdog compressors feature an elongated tank while the pancake compressor is flatter; despite their size, they can be used to operate most air tools, check air pressure, pump car tires, and more.

What Is a Good PSI for a Portable Air Compressor?

When it comes to an air compressor, you want to invest in one that has a minimum-maximum of 100 PSI. A standard compressor uses anywhere between 70-90 PSI to add air to tires or use power tools. Depending on the model, if they are battery or gas-powered and oil-lubricated, the PSI may be higher, and so would the price tag.

How Much Does an Air Compressor Cost?

Depending on the added features, whether it is oil-lubricated models or oil-free, a reasonable and entirely functional compressor can cost anywhere between $100 to $1,000. Higher costing compressors offer great cubic feet coverage in their air capacity, as well. If they are an oil-lubricated compressor, it may be more complex therefore more costly.

There are some of the quietest portable air compressors on the market, and because of this added feature, buyers may be paying for more. Why? They operate with higher-end features which allow them to pump air without noise and vibrations.

Oil-free compressors are going to cost more as they require more than a simple AC/DC charge, they need oil, and they require proper maintenance. Some compressors may feature both an AC/DC charge and an oil component, where the oil aspect is only switched on when more energy is needed; this is known as a duty cycle.

Top Portable Air Compressors

With so many air compressors in the market, we simplify the process and list the five best portable air compressors you can find on Amazon today. We evaluate these air compressors based on their price, ratings, max PSI, battery power, as well as functionality, and purpose.

OlarHike 12V Portable Air Compressor

Compact, the OlarHike 12V Portable Air Compressor is perfect for those on-the-go situations where air is needed in an instant. Featuring 150 PSI, it takes nearly 2.5 minutes to inflate a flat bike tire fully. The OlarHike is considered one of the most comprehensive and precise portable compressors on the market as it features an air inflator and an accurate gauge.

Compact but powerful, OlarHike is a compact compressor that can do more than inflate tires; they can operate power air tools, check for low tire pressure, and more. This mini compressor comes with a battery clamp, replacement nozzles, spiral hose, and a DC socket. With a cigarette lighter socket charger, this means you can bring your OlarHike on every road trip.

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor

Convenience in a mini air compressor is what you get with the EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor. This air pressure machine features a tire pressure gauge and can be used to inflate tires on cars, bikes, SUVs s, and RV tires. It can also be used to inflate sports equipment like balls and bike tires.

You can check the desired tire pressure in PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG/CM as a digital air compressor. Are you worried about overheating? The EPAuto features an overheat protection that shuts it down.

AstroAl Air Compressor

The AstroAl Air Compressor can offer maximum pressure while also being a tire inflator. Featuring rubber feet, the AstroAl offers a max PSI of 100, meaning it can inflate everything from tires on cars and bikes to balloons and more.

The added emergency LED makes it a great travel companion on the road too. Furthermore, the AstroAl features an automatic shut-off when it reaches the pre-set PSI.

This great compressor is not gas-powered but instead DC/AC chargeable from the LED light to the digital screen.

FORTEM Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

The FORTEM Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor features a digital display, real-time pressure checker, LED light, duty cycle feature, and automatic shut-off.

This portable compressor is suitable for any tire width less than 245 MM, which makes it great for those emergency air needs.

Kensun AC/DC Portable Air Compressor

If you are looking for a car tire air inflator, the Kensun AC/DC Portable Air Compressor is considered one of the best portable air compressors on the market. Though the Kensun is typically used as a tire inflator, it does come with an air hose that allows one to use the compressed air to inflate other equipment and objects.

Benefits of a Portable Air Compressor

Do you have a job site that needs the operation of air tools? It’s important to realize that a portable air compressor does so much more than simply inflating car tires, truck tires, and bike tires. A portable mini air compressor can be used to operate a nail gun or other pneumatic tools.

Don’t be deceived by the notion that a small air compressor might not be powerful enough to inflate car tires or operate two air tools, and more. The best mini air compressor can work on anything and everything within its allotted air storage tanks if you find the right one with the right PSI and air tank capacity.

Shop Smart for a Portable Air Compressor

With the holiday season fast approaching, consider adding one of the mini compressors to your wishlist, as you never know what you may encounter on your next trip. More importantly, their versatility and ability to not take too much space in one’s vehicle or luggage make them great travel companions.

Remember, a portable air compressor can do more than just inflating tires; they can check the desired pressure in objects with air, be brought to any job site, and can either be charged through a car outlet or an electrical outlet with the use of a proper power cord length extension.

These five options of the best air compressor make a great gift and purchase. Don’t let your tire valve run low; check out our list and travel worry-free.

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