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Husky Air Compressor: Is it Worth it?

Husky Air Compressor

When it comes to air compressor manufacture, Husky goes above and beyond the norm. They provide you with a fantastic overall experience for all of your demands since Husky, as its name suggests, is a company you can always trust to have your back.

These air compressors have been developed for extreme durability and reliability, so you shouldn’t have any issues when using them. Apart from that, these air compressors are also relatively inexpensive and quite efficient in most cases. As a result, Husky is the go-to brand for anyone searching for something that can last them for years while also not causing them any problems.

Husky air compressors are readily available from Home Depot, giving you the luxury and convenience of having them delivered to your door without any difficulties. It’s as simple as it seems; all you have to do is shop for it online and have it delivered to your location.

Husky 1 Gallon Portable Silent Air Compressor

The air compressor is exactly what it claims to be. It’s a tiny and portable air compressor that you can take with you wherever you go.

This air compressor has a one-gallon storage tank that can hold enough compressed air to wipe up your table, fill your tires in the garage, run some smaller air tools while operating on your motor, or simply use those airbrushes to paint items on your own.

The air compressor has a capacity of 0.8 SCFM at 90 PSI, which isn’t much but adequate to get you through most basic activities without causing a mess.

This air compressor’s best feature in the account is its motor. The engine is incredibly dependable and sturdy, and because it runs without oil, you can expect it to last for years without causing you any problems. All you have to do now is make sure the air compressor is kept away from direct moisture, filth, and dust, as well as direct sunshine, and it should function efficiently.

The compressor motor simply produces 0.5 horsepower, and it is also one of the quietest air compressors available, even with all of this air compressor’s power and output capability. Compared to other air compressors in the same league, it only produces 60 dBA, which is nothing. All of this ensures that you have a smooth experience with your air compressor and that you can focus on the project at hand.

Husky 2-Gallon Air Compressor

A one HP induction motor with oil-lube operation powers the Husky two-gallon compressor. This air compressor features a quick connect direct-drive pump and an oil sight glass that allows you to easily check the oil level for proper operation. The aluminum tank on this air compressor ensures a long service life.

Husky 8 Gallon Hotdog Air Compressor

Husky is leading the market with their state-of-the-art production plant and some of the cutting-edge innovations that are not only used to manufacture these incredibly quick connect durable air compressors but are also included with these air compressors so that you can have the best user experience with your air compression demands.

In light of all of this, if you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer and require a larger air compressor than a standard one, Husky’s eight-gallon air compressor is a great option. Given that you have the right air equipment, it can be ideal for bike tires, sports balls, and minor repairs around the house, among other things.

The air compressor combines the best of both worlds, being as dependable as it is powerful and adaptable. This eight gallon model would be ideal for a variety of quick-connect tasks around the house, such as brad nailing, finish nailing, and surface preparation.

This air compressor is equipped with an electric motor that can run on 120 V off the grid. The electric motor requires no maintenance and can run for many years without causing you any problems.

The motor isn’t only long-lasting, but it’s also fairly powerful. The air compressor can produce 3.7 SCFM at 90 PSI, and the maximum capacity can easily reach 150 PSI. All of this energy is generated by an electric motor that does not require oil for lubrication and is completely electric.

Although the motor’s output of 1.8 HP is unexpected for an air compressor of this size, the more power you have, the greater your air compressor’s operational efficiency can be.

Husky 27 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor

When you think things can’t get any better, Husky has a surprise in store for you. This tank, which has a capacity of 27 gallons, is not only structured vertically to save you storage space and aid in mobility, but it also has a lot more to offer. It has an oil-free, electric-powered motor that exceeds any other air compressor with a storage capacity of 27 gallons. Aside from that, the motor is designed to provide a smooth cold start. This can allow your motor to start without stuttering even at minus temperatures.

The motor produces 1.7 horsepower, which is more than enough for most simple tasks, especially since the tank’s storage capacity can supplement the power. This quick connect air compressor can produce a maximum output pressure of 150 psi without any issues.

Husky 20 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor

The 20-gallon Husky air compressor parts have a high-quality motor and an oil-free pump. At 90 PSI, the 1.3 horsepower motor can fill the tank to 125 psi in just over five minutes while producing 4.0 SCFM. This compressor’s tank pressure reaches 175 psi, allowing for extended air tool run durations and increased project efficiency.

To operate, this air compressor only requires 15 amps and 120 volts. This means you don’t need any additional electrical work to run this in your garage. It can operate with any 120-volt outlet.

Customers who buy this Husky air compressor are generally satisfied with the item. One buyer said the compressor was great for mild to moderate use and that he would buy it again. Another user said that it could handle whatever air tool they desired and that it could even operate numerous tools simultaneously.

There are always some negative reviews among the positive ones. After reading multiple reviews, it became clear that the most prevalent complaint was a damaged or leaky air regulator. When they opted to report it, however, it was also reimbursed under warranty.

Another issue that has been raised is the air inlet tube becoming quite hot. It’s more of a precaution to avoid getting burned, but it has been known to cause the tube to leak over time in rare cases.

Overall, the Husky 20 gallon 175 PSI Portable Air Compressor is a great choice if you want a high-quality, well-rounded, and multipurpose compressor.

Consider These Factors Before Purchasing a Husky Air Compressor

You might be in immense trouble and can’t decide which air compressor you should get. We highlight the most important aspects of the best air compressors in principle. Let’s have a look at what they are.


On the market, there are two types of electric air compressors: oil and oil-free. Oil-free versions are more cost-effective because they do not require additional oil purchases. It’s even less clumsy and more convenient to use.

The oil-lubricated compressor, on the other hand, may necessitate the replacement of the air dryer. As a result, you may need to purchase an air dryer on occasion. However, the good news is that it has a lower environmental impact. Another advantage of the oil-free compressor is that it produces less noise and has a longer lifespan.

If you need an air compressor regularly, an oil-lubricated compressor is the way to go.


The horsepower of the compressor is an important factor to consider while making your choice. Because it can inform you of the compressor’s power.

However, the trouble with determining horsepower nowadays is the manufacturers’ inflated descriptions. Don’t be persuaded by their description. The horsepower can be calculated by looking at the compressor’s electrical consumption.

Volume of Air

When it comes to air blowers, the fundamental criterion to use is air volume. It’s usually measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or Standard CFM (SCFM). This statistic represents the amount of air that the air compressor can deliver into its tanks in a given amount of time.

The devices that require an air compressor to function almost always have a minimum CFM requirement. As an example, a standard air caulking weapon works best when paired with an air compressor that can produce at least four CFM.

Weight (PSI)

In pounds per square inch, the air pressure that your air blower can produce is measured (PSI). Heavy motors are required for air compressors that can produce large PSI.

While most car tires require 30 to 35 PSI, most air-controlled mechanical systems require 90 to 100 PSI to function properly. In favor of important certified occupations such as performing lifts or running impact torques, a 200 PSI or higher is required.

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