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How to Inflate a Pool with an Air Compressor?

How to Inflate a Pool with an Air Compressor

The idea of inflating a pool with air using a pump or your mouth sounds like an exhausting process. No one in the world enjoys it, and that is the primary reason we have written this article. 

One of the best ways to pump up an inflatable pool is by using an air compressor for the task. You can easily and quickly inflate a pool with portable air compressors. There are only three steps involved when inflating pool toys or a pool with an air compressor.

All you need to do is connect the compressor to the pool, turn on the device, switch it off at the correct time, and close the drain valve.

We recommend an air compressor as the best way to go, even though there are a few other ways you can inflate your pool too. 

Keep reading if you want more in-depth information regarding inflating a pool. Let’s begin with the different kinds of air compressors your pool can be inflated with.

Type of Air Compressors You Can Use

A man inflates a pool

An electric air compressor is one of the best and most affordable types of air compressors for inflating pools and other inflatable pool toys. Sports stores or online are some of the best places to find them. Electric air compressors are easy to carry because they are lightweight and handy.

When you experience a flat tire, an electric air compressor can come in handy because you can keep it with you due to its portable nature.

You will need a large air compressor with a tank if you have a bigger pool or more oversized items you want to fill with air. Moreover, you can use an air compressor for various chores other than inflating your pool because it’s versatile and intuitive. 

In most cases, it will inflate your pool faster than many other methods you may find online.

How to Inflate a Pool with an Air Compressor

Inflating a pool

It’s time to get to the point of this article, and that is how to inflate a pool using your air compressor by following three simple steps. 

Connect Your Compressor to The Pool

Somewhere in your inflatable pool, there is an air inlet valve opening. It would help if you located this air filling valve of the pool first. This should be easy to identify because there won’t be any other hole or port.

Now, you should decide on an air hose attachment that matches your pool port. You can purchase extra extensions if your air compressor doesn’t have a piece that fits your pool. Connect the attachment to the air hose before attaching the hose to the pool. 

In most cases, a layer of plastic covers the pool inlet valve, so be sure the plastic isn’t hindering the fill valve. 

Turn on the Compressor

Once the above steps are completed, the next thing to do is turn your compressor on blow mode. After starting the machine, the pool will begin to inflate, so keep checking that the air inside of the pool is filling up.

Please note that your pool may take some time to inflate to reach your desired state of inflation. You can move to the next step once you think the job is done. 

Turn the Air Compressor Off

Do you know what will happen if you over-inflate a pool with an air compressor? It can burst or pop a hole, which can be devasting to your swimming activities. Once the desired state is reached, be sure to turn off the compressor swiftly.

Now, quickly disconnect the air hose from the pool’s air fill valve and seal the air inlet valve without delay to prevent too much air from escaping. 

That’s it; you are now done with inflating your pool with an air compressor and can enjoy your day leisurely swimming.

A Few Other Options to Creating an Inflatable Pool

A girl inflates a pool

You may wonder what other things you can use to inflate a pool? An option that is not better than an air compressor is to blow air into the pool manually. We don’t recommend this method, and it can often take a longer time, especially when you want to get the pool up as soon as possible.

Here are some other options you can perform to inflate pool toys and pools with air.

One good idea to deliver oxygen through the air valve is to use a shop vac. An air compressor and shop vac operate similarly while providing sufficient air to the pool.

Using a hair dryer or leaf blower is another DIY way to inflate a pool with air. In order for it to work, it will require some alterations, and you may need to create a nozzle out of the upper part of a plastic bottle by being careful when cutting it. 

Take your hairdryer and tape the bottle you cut behind the device. Before turning the dryer on, make sure to attach it to the pool’s air filler valve. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that it does the job exceptionally well. It is important to note that you should only use the cold mode of the dryer if you intend to perform this method. 

Using your hand and a hand pump is another alternative solution that will work. If you own a small pump designed to inflate bicycle tires, you can try and give it a try to inflate your pool.

Why Use an Air Compressor Instead of Other Solutions?

girl in an inflatable pool

When it comes to inflating a pool, there are a few alternatives to an air compressor, as you already have learned. Is an air compressor an overall better option than the abovementioned alternative methods? Well, let’s look at why these solutions are not a better choice than an air compressor. 

Manually blowing the pool is the first method that was mentioned. It’s harmful to your health and is a time-consuming task. From holding it near your mouth, there is a chance that your hands will get tired too. 

The lack of oxygen to the brain is the most concerning part of the whole process. You will feel lightheaded, and your brain can experience a lack of oxygen when you blow air with your mouth instead of an air compressor.

One of the most common symptoms of blowing your pool with your mouth is the feeling of being out of breath. 

That is why it is essential not to inflate a pool manually. You may be thinking, what other solutions can you consider? Maybe a shop vac, perhaps?

Even though a shop vacuum cleaner can inflate a pool, it will require some alterations. Attaching a nozzle is necessary. Only when you don’t have an air compressor is this solution suggested. 

If you remember correctly, the final solution was a DIY method. It will take much longer to inflate your pool when using a hairdryer than an air compressor. Moreover, you can’t do it if your dryer doesn’t have a cold air mode. Damage will be caused to your pool if you use hot air to inflate it. 

Another tremendous-sounding idea is a hand pump, but your arms will get tired in no time while pumping it. No matter what tool you use, it would help if you considered that each is made for different purposes and reasons. 

We are saying that air compressors are one of the best solutions for inflatable pools. When it comes to an air compressor or electric air pump, you can’t go wrong with this swift method. 

If you already have an air compressor at home, there is no requirement to look for another solution. Don’t be too late if you don’t own one but considering buying one. Your day-to-day life can be made a lot easier by keeping an air compressor nearby. 

What can be better than a home air compressor when inflating things?

Things to Consider

pump up a pool

When using an air compressor to pump up a pool, you will likely make a few mistakes at first. Be prepared to avoid them if you wish to prevent over-inflating or an unwanted situation.

Even though we have already mentioned it, it is imperative not to over-inflate the pool, and this is a crucial reminder before switching on the air compressor and letting too much air enters the pool. 

Your pool will rupture if you fail to turn off the machine. The plastic will also break later on if it’s damaged, even if it doesn’t rupture straight away. While the pool is filled with water, make sure not to inflate it.

Ensure that all the sharp objects near the area are put away while performing the inflation.

We suggest you purchase an air compressor that you can use for other projects if you decide to buy one to fill your pool or beach balls.

Final Thoughts

Start filling your pools today and connect all the above parts to save your time and money. All you need is an air compressor hose and air tank to add more air or start inflating your pool. It doesn’t matter if you use a gas or electric one; either one will do the job better than a foot pump or the other alternatives mentioned above. 

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