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Which Craftsman Air Compressor Is Ideal for You?

Craftsman Air Compressor

You’re probably looking for a blend of performance and value in an air compressor to add to your house as your first compressor. The Craftsman CMEC6150 air compressor is one of the top tools for the job. It’s difficult not to like this little guy because it provides reliable performance at pressures up to 150 PSI while remaining inexpensive, portable, and easy to use.

Craftsman CMEC6150K Six Gallon Air Compressor

The CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K six-gallon portable air compressor kit retails for $150 on Amazon. Given the unit’s long life span, performance, and features, this is a fantastic deal.

If you want to get the Craftsman CMMT99446 57-piece tool and socket set along with the compressor and 13-piece air accessory set, you have to pay an extra $45 with a free store pickup.

This compressor has huge amounts of power, with a maximum air pressure of 150 PSI and a maximum airflow of 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI. With the bundled accessories, you’re able to inflate a wide range of goods, including tires, inflatable toys, and sports balls.

Air equipment such as air-powered finish, framing, and roof nailers can be run with plenty of power.

Switching between numerous air tools is easy with the front-mounted regulator and twin quick-connect air outlets. The internal components are protected by an updated shroud and console cover, and the compressor is exceptionally portable thanks to an attached carry handle and a light 30-pound weight.

Regarding extended life and ease of use, the CMEC6150 has a virtually maintenance-free pump. It’s built to last, with thick rubberized feet to keep the compressor from moving around while in use.

Craftsman offers a one-year limited guarantee on the compressor, as well as easy-to-find repair parts.

The CMEC6150 air compressor has a duty cycle of 50% and a flow rate of 2.6 SCFM At 90 PSI with a maximum cutoff pressure of 150 PSI. Most types of air nailers, including finish, framing, and roof nailers, can be operated with this amount of power. This compressor can also be used for airbrushing, inflating tires, and cleaning with a blowgun.

In limited-use scenarios, you might be able to use a smaller air tool like an air ratchet or an impact wrench. You want a compressor with a higher SCFM rating if you’re going to use your air tools a lot.

Craftsman Airboss 1.2 Gallon Oil-Less Air Compressor

The Craftsman Airboss air compressor is a good option if you need a high air pressure flowrate. This Craftsman Airboss 1.2 Gallon Oil-Free Air Compressor is little, yet it packs a punch. It is substantially smaller than other units, with a 1.2-gallon air tank. The air pump, on the other hand, can generate a very useful 1.8 CFM at 90 PSI and a maintenance pressure of 135 PSI. These are impressive figures for such a small air compressor. Such figures are significantly higher than those of most other machines in this size range. The Craftsman Airboss 1.2 Gallon Oilless Air Compressor generates enough compressed air to operate a variety of air-powered tools, including brad nailers, nail guns, and staplers.

This compressor features noise reduction technology. It’s known for being a quiet air compressor, with a noise level of roughly 73 decibels. The motor shuts off when the air tank reaches its maximum operating pressure of 135 PSI, allowing you to work in silence. Additionally, the air tank can deplete to around 110 PSI before cutting in to refill the tank. The Craftsman Airboss 1.2 Gallon Oilless Air Compressor is powerful enough to run two air tools simultaneously. It comes with two quick-lock connectors for changing airlines fast and easily. This air compressor usually goes for a lower price of $160, however, there is a free store pickup option too, if you want to save on shipping costs.

Craftsman 5 Gallon Air Compressor

The Craftsman Five Gallon Horizontal Air Tank is a bit bigger than the others we’ve looked at so far. This machine is a compressed air storage system designed for increased compressor air delivery. It’s not a high-pressure air tank, but it does work at 135 PSI. This Craftsman air tank is lightweight and constructed out of global materials to last. The strong foundation, which has been fitted onto the five-gallon air tank, is excellently built. In the garage or on the job site, the Craftsman air compressor tank looks right at home. It can supply enough compressed air to power all types of air-powered tools. There are no limits to the work you can get using staplers, nail guns, sanders, and grinders.

Through all of your hard work, the Craftsman 9-15200 Five-Gallon Horizontal Tank Air Compressor tank is the ideal choice. Whether you need to renovate your home or fix your car in the garage, this Craftsman air compressor tank is ideal for both beginners and experts.

Craftsman 33 Gallon Air Compressor

Craftsman makes some of the most durable air compressors on the market, and their selection is unrivaled. These various combinations allow you to make an informed decision based on the needs you may have for these air compressors.

This helps you to get the most out of your air compressor and acquire the exact mix of power and storage that you may require.

The Craftsman 33 gallon is a commercial air compressor intended for use in mid-level garages, by handymen, and for other similar tasks. That’s why it’s got some juice in it and the motor is running at 1.7 HP. This should be more than enough to get the job done for you, and the 33-gallon storage tank compensates for the lost power, allowing you to finish the task without any interruptions.

Furthermore, the air compressor has a maximum output of 175 PSI, which is fairly high considering the size of the air compressor, but it allows you to run some of those large pneumatic tools that could otherwise be impossible to do with an air compressor of these proportions.

The engine runs without grease or oil to make things more convenient and lasting, so you never have to worry about mechanical parts malfunctioning or changing the oil. However, this may have raised the noise level of the air compressor, which now operates at 80.3 decibels. That may not seem like much, but it can be difficult to bear such noise in confined settings for lengthy periods. As a result, if you’re searching for something quiet and noise-free, it might not be a good choice.

Except for being a bit noisy, this air compressor’s handling, operating, and operations are rather simple, and anyone with a basic understanding of pneumatic tools and air compressors can get it to work without difficulty. The motor begins with a press of a button, and the pressure valve and other gauges are neatly situated in the front, allowing you to keep track of all of those figures while working on the air compressor.

Craftsman 20 Gallon Air Compressor

Majority of homeowners seek an air compressor that can provide the necessary power without spending a fortune. That is a problem because finding the optimum combination of power, tank size, and pricing can be difficult.

With a tank big enough to keep your devices going, a maximum PSI of 175, a peak horsepower of 1.8, and a price tag of $400, Craftsman’s 20-Gallon Air Compressor are the best of both worlds. If you don’t want to pay for shipping, they offer a free store pickup from your local store. This compressor is also transportable, having a handle and 8-inch wheels that make it simple to move from one location to another.

The compressor presently has a 4.5 out of five-star rating on Amazon, with over 60 user reviews. While happy consumers acknowledge that the compressor is noisier than other versions, they also praise the value and performance.

Craftsman CM 3 Gallon Air Compressor

This Craftsman air compressor is an excellent all-around machine for the home handyman or the mobile tradesman. Because this package includes all of the necessary supplies, you can work like a pro. The Craftsman CM Three-Gallon Air Compressor is a little yet powerful machine that can get the job done. Its steel construction of the three-gallon stored air tank ensures that it can never wear out! This Craftsman air compressor is lightweight and portable, but it is built to last. The three gallons are just right for a portable air compressor while still providing enough air to finish the job. It’s ideal for all kinds of house improvements and garage auto maintenance jobs. Also, it has an oil-free pump.

The compressor is unique in that it includes an accessory package to get you started. You can inflate tires, camping gear, balls, and even the kids’ beach ball with a variety of inflator accessories. However, it also has quick-connect hose connectors and a 25-foot high-pressure air hose. This air hose is curled like a spring and is very long, but it always ejects neatly out of the way to avoid tangling. In terms of airflow rate, the Craftsman air compressor is not the most powerful machine. However, it is completely safe to use with staplers, nailers, and brad nail guns.


Air compressors are versatile instruments that may be used for various jobs such as spray painting, tire inflation, pressure cleaning, and even tool operation. Before purchasing a Craftsman air compressor, customers should become familiar with the many types of air compressors. There are various configurations, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. We hope we’ve shown you the best Craftsman air compressor to consider when buying one of these units.

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