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Can Air Compressor Be Used as a Pressure Washer? [Steps & FAQs]

can air compressor be used as pressure washer

To get the most from your air compressor, you may be wondering whether you can use it as a pressure washer. While you cannot magically convert a compressor into a pressure washer, you can still get similar effects when you attach a pressure washer attachment and a garden hose to your air compressor.

This article provides you with a how-to guide to help you convert your existing air compressor into a functional gas pressure washer.

The Difference Between an Air Compressor with a Pressure Washer Attachment and a Pressure Washer

Garden hoses normally produce a water pressure of 40 to70 PSI, whereas pressure washers often start at pressures over 1300 PSI.

The truth is that no matter how many attachments you add, the maximum water pressure output that you will be able to achieve is 100 to 200 PSI. Therefore, while converting your air compressor into a gas pressure washer is entirely possible, the results are not the same.

Still, it can be handy to be able to convert an existing air compressor into an air hose to help you get a little more pressure than you would from a regular garden hose.

This can help you perform tasks that do not require high pressures. Your air compressor could be used for maintenance pressure washing. It won’t be able to clean filthy surfaces thoroughly, but it will be sufficient to eliminate some grime, especially if it’s new.

However, if you need high water pressure outputs, we recommend investing in an electric pressure washer. A pressure washer is recommended if you plan to restore items completely, but an air compressor version may suffice if you’re trying to prevent them from deteriorating.

How Do I Turn My Air Compressor into a Pressure Washer?

At this point, you may be wondering how your air compressor can become a pressure washer. You can turn your compressor into a power washer in just a few steps. Begin by ensuring that you have everything you need.

1. Assemble Your Tools

Firstly, you will need a high-pressure air compressor. We recommend using an air compressor with at least 200 PSI air pressure output. Follow our guide if you need help adjusting the CFM on your air compressor.

You will also need an outside faucet and a spray gun with two inlet facilities, a garden hose, and an adjustable hose nozzle.

2. Connect the Spray Gun, the Faucet, and the Garden Hose

Next, connect one end of the garden hose to the spray gun. The other end of the garden hose should be connected to the outside faucet.

3. Attach the Air Compressor's Air Hose to the Spray Gun

Next, attach the spray gun to the air compressor, ensuring that it has enough air pressure.

4. Your Air Compressor Has Now Become a Pressure Washer

Turn on the faucet and squeeze the trigger on the spray gun once you’ve successfully connected all the elements. Water will come out of the spray gun if all goes according to plan. Adjust the trigger on the spray gun and the gauge to control the water pressure. Your power washer is now ready to use.

Attachments You Can Use to Turn Your Compressor into a Pressure Washer

Suppose you are looking for the perfect attachments to use with your air compressor. In that case, we have done the research for you to find three of the most effective attachments.

1. M MINGLE Pressure Washer Gun with Extension Wand

This attachment is currently one of the most sought-after because it can produce pressures of up to 4,000 PSI using compressed air. Another great feature is its ability to work well with hot or cold water, so you can use it with hot water to get the ultimate cleaning tool. Additionally, it can attach to any garden hose.

The length of the tool may be modified to three different lengths: 40, 25, and 8.8 inches, so you can choose to use it as a long or short gun, depending on the application and your preferences. It also fits M22 14mm and M22 15mm connections on both gas and electric pressure washers.

The gun also has a Universal 1/4-inch fast connect feature, allowing it to be used with a variety of accessories, including the five spray nozzles that come with the tool. These nozzles can be adjusted to several angles, allowing you to clean small spaces.

2. YC Turbo Jet Power Washer

The makers of this turbojet attachment claim to be able to turn any air compressor into a pressure washer emitting a powerful jet stream to get rid of grime and dirt quickly and easily. You can use an air compressor to convert it into a cleaning machine, and the tool attaches to any garden hose.

It’s small and inexpensive, outperforming the large, pricey power washers. Furthermore, the layout is both user-friendly and powerful.

The attachment comes with an adjustable garden hose nozzle valve that allows you to control the pressure of the water and the force for maximum convenience. You get a fan spray, turbo jet attachment, and a jet stream nozzle, making it multifunctional.

3. Guardair Pneumatic Syphon Solvent Spray Gun

The Guardair Pneumatic Spray Gun is ideal for tasks like removing solvents and lubricants from car engines and works well to apply coatings and pesticides, which you will love if you prefer having multifunctional tools.

This tool has a cast iron body with a 1/4-inch FNPT inlet for connecting to a pressurized air source, as well as a PVC feed tube. It can also supply 16 gallons of water each hour, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications, and can attach to any garden hose. The water flow may be controlled by adjusting the nozzle tip.

It also features a pistol-style handle that makes operating it a breeze. The 12-inch extension makes reaching the smallest crevices a breeze, and it also comes with a hanging hook for easy storage.

can air compressor be used as pressure washer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the section below, we answer some of your most asked questions.

Can You Pressure Wash with an Air Compressor?

Yes, you certainly can. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you cannot achieve the same pressure output level as a pressure washer, but you can perform routine maintenance pressure cleaning.

In order to do this, you’ll need an attachment for your pressure washer that is linked to your air compressor’s airline and a standard garden hose. You may also need an air line connector to help you link your attachment.

How Can I Use an Air Compressor for a Car Wash?

Turn on your air compressor and let it generate pressure. Be sure to check that your air compressor pump is functioning optimally. Connect your garden hose to an outside water faucet and connect the other end to the water line connection of your pressure washer spray gun.

Next, link the air hose from the air compressor to the airline connector of your attachment. Once your air compressor pressure washer is ready to go, you can use it to spray dirt and grime off your car.

What Are Some Alternatives to Pressure Washing?

If you don’t want to invest in a pressure washer but still want to get similar results, there are alternatives you can use. Converting an air compressor into a pressure washer is one option, but what if you do not have a pressure washer? Here are three alternatives to try.


Heat treatment has proven to be effective at removing dirt and grime. You can use a heat gun and a scraping blade to eliminate a substance that has become attached to a surface. Alternatively, you can use hot water and soap to scrub off the grime. However, this is a time-consuming method and may cause arm pain, but it is an option if you do not have a pressure washer.

Hand Washing

Washing by hand is a lot quieter than using pressure washers. Pressure washers emit a powerful jet stream at high pressures, so they can be noisy. Add hot water and soap to help you get stains and grime off surfaces. This method does require a lot of elbow grease, and pressure washers can get the job done a lot faster.

Soft Washing

Some cleaning jobs require soft washing rather than high-pressure washing, as this could damage surfaces. An example of this is cleaning a roof. Pressure washers can cause irreversible damage to roof materials.

Soft washing also helps you get into nooks and crannies that pressure washing may miss. You can use a garden hose or the compressed air method to soft clean as they do not have high-pressure outputs.

Final Thoughts

Bulky gear, such as power washers and air compressors, tends to take up a lot of space in the garage, which none of us like. As a result, using one tool for a wide range of applications can help save storage space and money.

Although a power washer made from air compressors may not be as effective as an electric pressure washer because the pressure outputs are lower, they can still provide a simple solution to maintenance cleaning problems. You can effectively convert your compressor into a pressure cleaning machine by following the guide above. We hope you found this guide helpful!

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