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Best Vertical Air Compressor – Which Model Is Right for You?

Best Vertical Air Compressor

When you want to power your air tools, you need the right machine to do the job. Compressed air shoots out of an air hose, which you connect to the compressor. There may be other accessories available, but the goal of portable air compressors is to fit in a truck. Here are the top product options and their abilities:

Top 10 Portable Vertical Air Compressors

Powermate PLA4708065 Compressor

Generally, compressors are tools that help you power air tools. They come with an air hose and other accessories that you connect to the unit. That way, it airs up your tires and handles things in a workshop or automotive shop.

The Powermate brand offers a 15-amp, 240-volt motor that delivers about 4.7 horsepower. It also gives you 155 PSI at maximum pressure. This product provides 14 CFM at 90 PSI, meaning it runs for longer periods. Impacts, hammers, spray guns, and ratchets can all be powered which this unit.

On top of that, the tank is made of steel and holds 80 gallons. That guarantees the durability of the model. Plus, you get a one-piece cast-iron crankcase, a cast-iron body, and an oil-lubricated pump.

Emax Industrial Air Compressor

The Emax Industrial brand has one of the best compressors, but it’s considered a stationary version. It offers a silent air system for less noise during operation. Plus, the 1750 RPM motor is more efficient.

You also get flow-tek concentric valves for more longevity and maximum performance. With that, these tools feature a tank drain pipe and ball valve for easier and faster draining.

Ingersoll Rang Reciprocation Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand also has various air compressors, and it’s reciprocation one can handle the most demanding applications with ease. It has a cast-iron construction, a finned copper intercooler, and a one-piece connect rod. Overall, Type 30 is recognized as the benchmark product for quality, power, and reliability.

That’s why it is among the best-selling products today. The versatility it offers ensures that auto-body companies, small workshop owners, and many others can use it.

Dewalt 30-gallon Portable Air Compressor

The Dewalt DXCMLA1983054 includes an oil-lubricated, cast iron, and twin-cylinder pump. These air compressors run with a heavy-duty induction motor and achieve maximum performance. Overall, the max PSI here is 155.

You get a 120-volt, 1.9-horsepower motor with this product, and it features a belt-driven oil-lube design to ensure quiet performance and longer life.

There’s also a quick-set regulator that lets you set the gauge to the right pressure, which means you don’t damage your tools.

Dewalt 30-gallon Oil-free Air Compressor

The Dewalt DXCMLA1983012 portable air compressor features a high-flow regulator to give you maximum airflow for the best performance. There’s a durable induction option, which is responsible for its reliability. Overall, this is one of the few items that have an oil-free and low-maintenance direct drive operation.

Plus, you don’t have to change, add, or dispose of any oil and don’t have to change or tighten belts. The two-piece cooling system can help it cool more effectively and extends the lifespan of the pump life. Not only do you get savings, but you can also use it for a long time!

Puma Industries Air Compressor

Air compressors like this are why many departments crave them. It’s a commercial or professional single-belt drive option. The machine has 3 horsepower and a max PSI of 135. With that, the brand is well-recognized, so you’re sure to be able to order parts as needed.

Overall, the Puma Industries compressor is the top commercial item on the market. It has a lower price than some of the others, and availability is rarely a concern. Pick this one if you’re on a budget but want something for a small price.

Dewalt 80-gallon Stationary Air Compressor

The Dewalt DXCMLA4708065 is often referred to as the strongest item in the single-stage, 80-gallon category. It stands apart from the crowd because of its power. You get a 240-volt motor running at 4.7 horsepower, which means the best efficiency and performance possible.

With that, you get a higher air tank capacity (80 gallons), which allows it to work for longer periods on one charge.

This compressor delivers 16 CFM and 14 CFM at 40/90 PSI, respectively. It handles your workshop’s pneumatic tools with ease, and prices aren’t that bad.

Industrial Air 60-gallon Air Compressor

Having a portable compressor means that you want to check out Industrial Air’s product. It has a 60-gallon tank but is on wheels. The product delivers 16 CFM/14CFM at 40/90 PSI, respectively. With that, it features a 12-inch balanced, cast-iron flywheel so that you can transfer power more smoothly.

The crankcase is also made of cast iron for more durability. Though this makes the price shoot up a bit, it’s worth every penny. It uses Swedish stainless steel for the leaf valve, so you get a longer pump life. Overall, it’s designed to last a while and can easily be loaded in the bed of a truck.

Dewalt 30-gallon 1.6HP Air Compressor

The Dewalt DXCMLA1683066 compressor is a twin-V, oil-lubricated, single-stage product and is designed to last because of its cast-iron construction. You get a thermally stable cylinder with a cast-iron crankcase that guarantees its durability.

For more protection of the motor, it even has a full-sized belt guard!

Overall, it has a heavy-duty induction motor (240V, 1.6 horsepower) that uses pneumatic tires for maneuverability. Power all of your tools and even keep it in the back of your truck to use on the go.

NorthStar Electric Air Compressor

This air compressor is built to run quietly because of the three-cylinder, oil-lubricated, single-stage pump. That feature prevents any heat transfer between the cylinders and boosts the pump life.

You’re sure to appreciate the copper finned coolers that offer better heat dissipation. Your tools don’t overheat!

Plus, you get many accessories from this compressor. The metal belt guard, cast-iron crankshaft, paper element filter, and steel reed valves make you want to jump for joy. This is definitely a purchase that’s worth the price.

Vertical Air Compressor


Can I Lay a Vertical Air Compressor?

Generally, you can lay your vertical compressor if it’s new, and you’re moving it from the store to the workshop because no oil is inside. However, once you add the oil, you must keep it in its upright position. Typically, you may choose to take off the accessories and store them separately, though.

Can You Put a Horizontal Air Compressor Vertical?

No, you cannot put your horizontal compressor vertical. Some people say that you can, but if there’s oil inside, it can lubricate parts that don’t need to stay moist. With that, you may end up having the oil pool where it shouldn’t. That could damage the canister and even rust it out.

Since the price of these products is often high, you want to keep your horizontal compressor in that position at all times. This might make it harder to store, especially if it has no wheels or you’ve got limited floor space.

How to Transport a Vertical Air Compressor?

If your vertical compressor must be moved, it is wise to use a forklift to raise it up onto a pallet. Some people keep their stationary compressors on pallets for that reason. Generally, they shouldn’t be moved at all, but you may switch to a different shop or expand your business.

If you get a portable compressor, it’s likely to come with wheels and a dolly-like system. Just wheel it to the truck or wherever it needs to be in the shop. However, if yours doesn’t come with a dolly, you may put it on one to easily move it wherever it needs to go.

What Are the Benefits of a Small Vertical Air Compressor?

There are many advantages of a small vertical compressor. Before you buy one, it’s good to know what those are:

  1. Air has many uses and is important for woodworking, automotive, and many other industries. You can also use it to clear away debris. Compressors tend to have various attachments, so you can use them as a multi-function tool.
  2. A compressor generates power and can make it easier to use power tools while on the go. Sometimes, it’s the only way to power certain things, such as pneumatic nail guns and paint sprayers.
  3. Smaller products are often quieter and can fit easily into a vehicle. They’re also lightweight and easy to store almost anywhere.


The above-mentioned compressors can be found online or in a store. While the Powermate brand is one of the top options, you can’t go wrong with any of the Dewalt products. It’s a name-brand for a reason, and it offers many styles and deals. You’re sure to find something that meets your needs, allowing you to buy a product that can be used for many years to come and for various applications.

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