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The 8 Best Blow Gun for Air Compressor Models

Blow Gun for Air Compressor

An air blow gun that releases a large amount of air is a handy tool to have. Furthermore, a high-quality compressed air blower is extremely adaptable. This implies it can clean a floor, a workspace, electronics, automobiles, and machinery, among other things. Unfortunately, determining whether or not a compressed air blow gun is of high quality is challenging. This is where our in-depth reviews come in handy. The reviews discuss the most popular compressed air blower gun models in order to provide you with additional information about this equipment. They not only emphasize the advantages of each product but also describe the benefits and drawbacks so you can receive a genuine item for your money. Continue reading to determine which brand to bring home.

Blow Gun for Air Compressor

The 8 Best Blow Guns on the Market

If you’re looking for the best blow guns, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top picks:

Photo Title Buy
Capri Tools 2-Way...image Capri Tools 2-Way Air Blow Gun with Adjustable Air Flow and Extended Nozzle
Coilhose Pneumatics TYP-2500CS...image Coilhose Pneumatics TYP-2500CS Typhoon High Volume Blow Gun, 1/4-Inch NPT with High Flow Tip
Tire Inflator, 3-in-1...image Tire Inflator, 3-in-1 Inflation Gun, with Gun, Locking Chuck and 2-inch Gauge, ¼” NPT and Flexible Hose (Campbell Hausfeld MP600000AV), 3-in-1 Tire Inflator w/Gauge
Capri Tools 21072...image Capri Tools 21072 5-in Air Blow Gun with Rubber Tip, Blue
High Volume Powerful...image High Volume Powerful Industrial Air Blow Gun, 17-26 Inch Extensible Stainless Steel Air Flow Nozzle, Pneumatic Air Compressor Accessories Tool, Extended Dust Air Blower Gun with 360 Degree Swivel Hook
Shop Fox D3281...image Shop Fox D3281 Heavy Duty Blow Gun, 4-Inch Nozzle
Astro Pneumatic Tool...image Astro Pneumatic Tool 1716 Deluxe Air Blow Gun with 20" Long Angled Nozzle
Milton (S-148) 1/4 Milton (S-148) 1/4" NPT Lever Blow Gun - Rubber and Safety Tip Nozzles

Capri Tools 2 Way

This compressed-air blow pistol is at the top of our list because of its unrivaled versatility. It can be used for a variety of tasks, including dusting engine compartments and machinery, as well as blowing water off of various parts. Because of the ergonomic handle, the 2-way air blow gun feels very natural in your hand. It also produces a maximum pressure of 150 PSI, which adds to its flexibility. The extra-long 4.5″ nozzle, which easily goes into hard-to-reach spots, is another feature that makes it extremely useful. This air blow gun also has a sturdy build and a beautiful aluminum chassis.

Coilhose Pneumatics TYP-2500CS

The Coilhouse TYP-2500CS produces 34 CFM and a working capacity of more than two pounds of thrust with its 125 PSI. Furthermore, the variable airflow trigger assists in controlling output, which makes it the perfect blowgun for heavy-duty clean-up and blow-off. It earns one of the top spots on this list because of its lightweight and sleek design.

This tool is unique as the air comes out in a ring at the black part’s edge. There is a silver cone tip that doesn’t have a hole to help direct the air flow, without turbulence, in a straight line. Moreover, the cone does comply with OSHA standards to push air through it and prevent anything from pressing against your skin. You can direct the air when it’s blowing off as the variable flow trigger can travel far.

On the downside, these air tools come with a plastic trigger and no fitting, meaning it can be an uphill battle to find compatible couplers. Try to avoid dropping it as the plastic trigger might break.

Campbell Hausfeld MP600000AV

When it comes to the air tools industry, Campbell Hausfeld is no stranger. This model is just another reason why. The MP600000AV gun consists of three tools, including a locking chuck, a three-in-one inflation gun, as well as a gauge. These blow guns are used in conjunction with air compressors to help you achieve the ideal level of inflation, which ends up in better gas mileage and optimal inflation life. Its locking chuck makes it simple to connect; all you have to do is squeeze and clip in position.

This model has a flexible hose pipe that enables you to easily move the chuck into tighter spaces. Moreover, the gauge measures 150 PSI and is fairly simple to read. That’s not all; there’s a side relief gun that you can use to release air, which is helpful for over-inflated objects.

A finger-activated lever helps you to monitor inflation and deflation in one action. The MP600000AV is compatible with numerous valve stems, and it can be used with the Campbell 5-gallon air tank.

As with all the other products, there are some downsides to this model. It cannot provide sufficient clamping pressure as it’s quite weak. Additionally, it’s too short to provide sufficient clamping surfaces to hold.

Capri Tools 21072

Another essential item from Capri Tools is the 21072, which can be used to clear dirt, dry off water, and more. It has a unique lever design that makes it extremely user-friendly. The handle is ideal for providing fantastic ergonomics while blowing water, grime, and dust out of gadgets because it has a wonderful grip. A rubber tip is also included to aid with accuracy. The pressurized air blow gun has an eighteenth-inch US NPT inner thread. It works well since it is a product from a reputable company with all of the necessary characteristics.

JASTOOL Air Blow Gun

It’s difficult to come across compressed blowguns that come with a warranty. That’s why we’re pleased to inform you that this JASTOOL Air Blow Gun not only comes with a 14″ to 21″ airflow nozzle but also with a one-year defect-free warranty. This type also features a 360-degree swivel hook, making it simple and straightforward to use. It also has an all-metal construction for added durability. A high-pressure-resistant copper alloy, a high-impact stainless steel airflow nozzle, and an anti-break chrome zinc alloy body make up the all-metal construction. The extra-long airflow nozzle makes it simple to reach hard-to-reach tight spaces.

Shop Fox D3281

The Shop Fox D3281 includes an angled nozzle that helps to get to hard-to-reach areas for precious and control. It’s perfect for cleaning dust and dirt from nooks and crannies, and for blowing off any liquids during the cleaning process after assembly.

This model is made of a sturdy and lightweight aluminum body, and it has superb airflow, making it stand out amongst its competitors. There is an optimal sized hook so you can easily store it. Another bonus is that you rarely experience any air leaks.

The disadvantages include that it’s challenging to control whether you get a precise flow as there is only an on and off switch. Moreover, the trigger handle is short, which means there is short travel for full throttle. We don’t recommend using this tool to clean computer equipment, fans, power supplies, etc., as it doesn’t have a controllable trigger and valve.

Astro 1716 Deluxe Blow Gun

We explain why, irrespective of the purpose, this deluxe compressed air blower gun is handier, faster, and easier to use. To begin with, the air blow gun comes with a number of useful extras, including a half-inch detachable rubber tip and a 20-inch long angled nozzle. Secondly, the air blow gun’s valve design has been enhanced. The nozzle’s 20-inch length is purposely slanted to allow it to easily fit into confined areas. Furthermore, the body of this air blow gun is made of high-impact plastic and features an integrated hanger slot. The insulated handle has an ergonomic grip and combines with a convenient lever control to make it (the air sprayer) very easy to use.

Milton S-148

You should consider investing in an air blow gun that won’t peel off the paint while in use. The Milton S-148 model, for example, includes a mar-resistant rubber tip and a safety tip to assist prevent paint scratches. As a result, we believe it is a useful tool. It’s also versatile since it may be used to clear debris, blow out airlines, and dry out the fluid. It produces a maximum operating pressure of 150 PSI, which makes it quite versatile. At 100 pounds per square inch, the rubber tip produces 12.9 standard cubics per minute, while the safety tip produces 11.7 standard cubics per minute.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What Is a Blow Gun Used for?

An air blow gun comprises a tip or nozzle and is attached to an air hose to control the discharge of air and manual actuation. These tools are mainly used for removing debris, no-contact cleaning and drying, and general laboratory or industrial applications.

People mainly find air blow guns in assembly lines, mechanic shops, and construction sites. Most of these products are made out of metal or plastic, and they have an ergonomic grip or handle. Furthermore, the sturdy metallic nozzle is used to produce continuous streams of compressed air.

What Is a Blow Gun Used for

How Big an Air Compressor Do You Need for a Blow Gun?

The perfect sized air compressor is based on the type of blow gun that you’re using. You can check out our article on ‘What Size Air Compressor Do I Need?’ for a more in-depth explanation. In general, the bigger the blow gun, the larger the compressor diameter required.

Final Verdict

Did you find an air blow gun that suits your needs on this list?

There are endless numbers of blowguns on the market today. Choosing the best fit for you can be quite a challenge as there are so many factors to take into consideration. We hope you found this article helpful and that you can get to work on your next project!

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