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Best Air Compressor To Clean PC Without Destroying Anything

Best Air Compressor To Clean PC

Should people be cleaning PCs regularly? Yes, they should. What do you often use to clean your computer? Most people use vacuum cleaners or a cloth sprayed with some cleaning solution. However, neither of those options is a good choice. They can result in damages occurring to the internal components.

Instead, you should be using the best air compressor to clean a computer. Overall, it should have a lightweight design and get into the crevices of devices perfectly.

Though a metro vacuum or data vac can work well for car interiors, they don’t clean computers well. It’s ideal to use the best air compressors on your computer. They have different nozzles. Let’s learn why air compressors are suitable for cleaning the computer, including expansion cards, sound cards, and fans.

How to Clean a PC with Air Compressors?

Clean PC with air compressor

Computers need to operate successfully without overheating. Heat is very damaging to them. With that, dust is common for every home, and if it builds up inside the computer, the cooling components might not work right anymore. That causes the device to overheat and reduces its lifespan.

It’s best to use an air compressor to clean the device’s interior once or twice a year to avoid that issue. The cleaning process is quite simple, but this step-by-step guide makes it even easier to understand why you should use an air compressor.

Turn off the Computer

The first step is to turn off the computer. Unplug the charging cord from the device and the wall, and open the case. From there, you can use an air compressor for cleaning PC components easily.

Use the Air Compressor

Use your small air compressor for computer cleaning to remove the dust from the interior. Make sure you use low torque and keep the best dust blower far enough away from the PC. It shouldn’t touch the memory cards, processor, or motherboard because that could create static electricity and do significant damage to your expensive components.

Your air compressor for cleaning PC components can remove the dust build-up on the case and fans. It’s crucial to put the finger on the fan so that it doesn’t rotate and frees the dust.

Most computers don’t have dust filters, so you must get in there with your nozzle attachments to get the job done. Don’t be surprised if there’s a decent amount of other particles, too.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Now, you can take a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol to wipe the fan blades. If you can’t clean them properly, it might help to remove the case to get at them.

Get Rid of the Dust

Remove the dust build-up from your power supply using a dust blower. Sometimes, people forget about this, but it’s important. Sometimes, your power supply has a dust filter, so clean that, as well. With that, make sure you’re blowing the dust away from the machine so that you don’t get more dust inside to hurt the sound cards, fans, and compressor.

Get Rid of the Dust

Does Dust Affect Motherboard?

As the computer ages, dusty particles can build up inside. That creates more hot air, which can significantly damage the machine. The intake fans then suck that dust in, making it collect on the motherboard and near the vents. If you don’t remove it periodically, the device could short-circuit or otherwise malfunction!

Clean the Heat Sink

You should now clean the heat sink, which is the most important fan on the processor. Make sure that you get out all the dust by using appropriate nozzle attachments.

If the build-up of dirt is very high, you may remove the heat sink and fan to do a better job. Don’t forget to wipe away the thermal grease on the components. When you’re done, you should apply more before connecting it back to your processor. That way, it doesn’t cause friction within the machine.

Clean the Ports

Grab your mini air compressor for cleaning and get rid of the computer dust from all the ports in the PC. You may use rubbing alcohol here to get into the external vents. However, the air blower shoots inside to clear out the debris.

Will Compressed Air Damage a PC?

Using an air compressor for cleaning a PC doesn’t damage it. In fact, air is probably the best thing you can use because you can blow out the dirt without having to touch components with your bare hands. In the long run, an air duster with an appropriate cord length ensures that your computer runs smoothly for many years to come.

Benefits of Using a Mini Air Compressor for PC Cleaning

As previously mentioned, using an air compressor can protect your PC components from overheating. Overall, this is a good idea because it boosts your device’s lifespan.

When you choose an air compressor to clean the computer instead of those other methods, you can guarantee the safety of your computer. Even a small error with certain components can result in high repair bills, so it’s best to use the air compressor properly.

You’ve got to be careful while cleaning the computer. Most people turn to a cloth because it’s handy and small. However, using that to clean your computer might cause scratches on the motherboard and other components. Those little things can turn into big problems, causing the device to fail at some point.

Often, people believe that cotton can get into those very small spaces and holes, but an air compressor can, too. In fact, the air might do a better job. It protects the computer from any scratches and gets the job done faster. That means you can move on to other things.

Another key advantage is that the air compressor can clean places that aren’t easy to get to. For example, sound cards and graphics cards can’t be wiped with a cloth.

How Much PSI Is Needed for Cleaning

How Much PSI Is Needed for Cleaning?

The amount of PSI you require for your PC air compressor is a crucial factor to consider. If you apply a high PSI, you cause more damage. Though you’re just blowing air, high-pressure air can bend delicate parts and all the rest. You must be careful not to chip the fans by speeding them up too fast.

Therefore, you shouldn’t exceed 125 PSI when cleaning your PC. This is enough to clear out the dirt without causing damage. The best air compressors produce roughly 125 PSI because most air tools need pressures between 90 or 125 PSI.

However, some shop or home compressors use 175 PSI, which is a common number. However, you must be careful about running air tools at that much pressure because it could destroy them or do significant damage.

When using the 125-PSI air compressor for cleaning a computer, it’s best to stay about 6 to 8 inches away from your machine. That reduces the risk of damage and still gets into the nooks and crannies.

How Often Should You Be Cleaning PC Parts?

It’s recommended to do a deep cleaning on a computer and the inner components once or twice a year at six-month intervals. If you’ve never done it before, do it sooner rather than later. Cleaning computers now and getting into the habit ensures that it lasts for a long time.

You should also wipe down the keyboard, screen, and mouse periodically. Most manufacturers recommend doing that once a month.

Electric Air Duster for Cleaning Your Laptops and PC

Cleaning your laptop or PC with an electric air duster is a quick and easy way to remove all the dirt, dust, and debris that has built up over time. It’s also a great way to keep your computer clean and running smoothly.

Here are our top two electric air dusters for cleaning your laptops and PCs:

Best Air Compressor To Clean Pc FAQs


Is Compressed Air Safe for PC Cleaning?

Yes, it is safe to use an air compressor for cleaning your PC. However, you must be aware of the torque amount for the compressor and other factors.

Make sure that it stays in the low range. With that, you also want to think about the distance for using the best air compressor. Regardless of the brand you choose, you can’t put the nozzle too close to the components, or you might damage them. It’s also a good idea to hold the fan blade in place so that they don’t rotate with the air’s force from the air duster.

Can You Use Compressed Air on PC Parts?

Yes, air is a great choice for computer cleaning. In fact, it might be best to use an air blower than anything else out there. Some people might feel that canned air is better or safer than compressed air. However, they are both effective if used correctly and can clean multiple devices at once.

Is Compressed Air Safe for Electronics?

Yes, compressed air from an air blower is safe for all electronics, such as DVDs and cleaning PC components.

Can You Clean Computer and Laptop Fans without an Air Compressor?

While you can clean your computer without an air compressor, it might not be ideal. For example, a leaf blower produces tons of air, but its motor often runs at too-high speeds to safely clean the computer.

A vacuum cleaner with a washable vacuum bag may not be ideal, either. Though it might have attachments and a handy washable filter, it is designed to suck air in, and it’s better to blow air out.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have the reassurance you need about how air compressors can clean your computer. You know how to handle the job and can now get the best air compressor to clean PC parts in your home.

Using an air duster is easy, fun, and gets the job done. What are you waiting for?!

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