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Best 8 Air Compressors for Home Use

Best Air Compressor for Home Use

While most DIYer’have electric air compressors at the top of their must-have list, this tool can actually be used for a multitude of purposes. Depending on your choice of air compressor, it may be capable of operating pneumatically powered devices, such as nail guns or paint sprayers.

Other compressors can be used for more simple tasks, such as inflating car tires, adding air to pool floats, and even more specialized functions like attaching to an electric pressure washer.

There is an extensive range of powerful stationary and portable air compressor models available on the market. Typically, static models are better suited to professional purposes, and mobile models are best for DIYers.

An important thing to consider is tank size, as the more prominent the tank, the more air volume and power the device can provide. Therefore, for most DIY projects, a four to six-gallon tank size air compressor is perfect.

Here are some of the best air compressors for professionals and home users that need optimal air pressure.

Briggs and Stratton Air Compressor

Sometimes it is best to use an air compressor for small jobs such as inflating tires or powering a pneumatic drill. If that sounds like you, you may love the best air compressor fromĀ Briggs and StrattonĀ because of its intuitive design and excellent build.

It can pump cfm at 90 psi, which makes it the perfect tire inflator, and additionally, it can be plugged into electrical outlets with its power cord. On the other hand, if there is no power, these oil-free air compressors run off gas, allowing you to take it to any job site around the country.

A large tank can store excess compressed air at around cfm 90 psi, so you always have a backup if the power goes down.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

The best hot dog air compressor isn’t necessarily packed with features or costs a ton of money. It is the most reliable that wins this category! If you are looking for an excellent useful air compressor that handles internal pressure well, this is the one for you.

Campbell Hausfeld’s compressorĀ fits this position to the tee with its 125 max psi rating and eight-gallon tank. It is capable of flowing and holding air pressure almost immediately after being powered.

A rubber grip and large wheels also make moving the air compressor a breeze, whether outside or into the garage.

Durability is one of the best features of the electric Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 since it was designed to last a long time. Most components on this compressor are set to last up to four times longer than competing brands.Ā 

This is a great air compressor that is quieter than 50% of air compressors on the market, which means this one can be used in the evening or around the house without bothering the neighbors. You can easily use it for projects that require repetitive tasks such as stapling, spray painting, inflation, or attaching it to a nail gun thanks to its reliably built air hose, drain valve, and large air volume.

Bostitch BTFP3KIT Compressor

Three air tools are included with this pancake-style air compressor, allowing you to get started on any project immediately.Ā 

The Bostitch BTFP3KIT has an oil-free electric motor that is durable enough to last a lifetime and rated a maximum of 90 psi. That gives you plenty of power to handle any tasks around the home or on-site.

If you are someone who enjoys outdoor projects, these electric models shine. A convenient extension cord is included so you can use the compressor outdoors around the yard efficiently.

The weight is around 29 lbs, making this air compressor one of the lightest options on the list.

California Air Tools Compressor

If one of your primary concerns is noise output, theĀ California Air Tools compressor 8010Ā is one of the best noise level air compressors to consider. An air compressor can be a problem for neighbors or family members who prefer quiet time because most models emit around 90 dB of sound.Ā 

This one has ultra-quiet operations that are only 60 dB loud, and its oil-free pump is capable of a maximum pressure of 120 psi. Its electric motors create minor wear and noise during long and continuous running times because it was manufactured to operate at lower speeds. These oil-free compressors do this without any loss of efficiency or power.

An 8-gallon air compressor tank can handle most DIYer’s needs around the workshop, yard, or home. On the other hand, the pancake-style tank of the California Air Tools is relatively lightweight, coming in at only 54 lbs. It can be positioned and move anywhere quickly by using the two wheels attached to the base.

Viair 88P Portable Air Compressor

Do you drive to the gas station every time you need to inflate your ATV, bicycle, car, or motorcycle tires? With this portable air compressor, you can easily take care of the task at home.Ā The Viair 00088 88PĀ gets the job done effectively, and it can run off your car battery giving it extra mobility.

What’s great about this average air compressor is that you can easily see when you have reached proper inflation levels by looking at the top-mounted pressure gauge. This portable air compressor can also inflate a float or raft at the beach or on the lake.

The cfm 90 psi 12-volt motor is ideal for inflating tires with a width of up to 34 inches, covering most car, ATV, motorcycle, and bike tires. A three-piece inflation kit and a 16-foot hose ensure you are prepared for various emergencies or projects.Ā 

DeWalt D55146 Air Compressor

Most air compressors are designed for DIY or home use and are relatively weak in producing airflow in pounds per square inch. Still, theĀ DeWalt D55146Ā pancake air compressor boasts a significant output range for multiple purposes, making it great for professional and hobby use. That’s enough to power most pneumatic tools such as impact wrenches, grinders, a nail gun, and to attach to a paint sprayer. Thanks to its collapsible handle and a vertical stand, the compressor is easy to pack up when all your work is complete.

A 4.5-gallon tank is attached to the DeWalt pancake air compressor, which helps store the exuberant amount of air produced by the device. The sturdy construction and oil-free pump mean that you don’t have to worry much about maintenance, and the 11-inch foam wheels make it simple to move the air compressor around to wherever you want.

Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412 Air Compressor

The Industrial Air ContractĀ compressor can keep running if there are no batteries or power outlets around, making it great to use on job sites.

This compressor has a 5-horsepower Honda motor, ideal for commercial and residential use. Its engine features an oil-free straight drive pump design with a multi-piece cooling system that extends its usage. That makes it a low-maintenance unit that gets the job done and is excellent value for money.

If you perform more extensive projects, a five-horsepower air compressor is going to be perfect.

There is an option of the pontoon style tank shape, which is excellent for off-site jobs. Its 2-gallon tanks can be dissembled for maximum portability or set up individually; you get to decide. Both tanks are rated for a maximum of 154 psi to squeeze more oxygen into the tinier space.

Industrial Air ILE3606056 Air Compressor

This compressor is reliable, and its large size is suited to be used with a continuous use pneumatic tool such as a spray paint gun or gas nailer. Although these are not the most portable air compressors, theĀ Industrial AirĀ can easily handle any task with its twin stack powerful gas engine, which pushes out pressurized air at an astonishing speed.

Additionally, it can plug into an electrical outlet if you have run out of gas, so not only is it practical but versatile too. The rubber feet make it simple to move the compressor around or store it in your home garage when not in use.

Why Not Just Use Compressed Air?

Compressed air can only come in handy in a small number of cases, such as cleaning out a dusty old computer motherboard or filling a bicycle tire. If you need to pump air into an automobile tire or want to operate pneumatic tools, you need an air compressor for that particular job.

Another reason why you wouldn’t want to use compressed air is the cost involved. You could spend up to $20 a tin of compressed air every time; that money could be invested into an ultra-quiet operation oil-free air compressor.


Whether you are looking for oil-lubricated air compressors, pancake compressors, oil-free models, or a quieter operation, there is something on this list for you.Ā 

Most air compressor products come with fantastic warranty plans and can be purchased through retailers, such as Amazon. Look for compressor features with a maximum rating of over 90 psi, and you are going to be able to use it for everything from spray painting to pumping a flat tire.

It’s time to find the best home air compressor for all your DIY projects!

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