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What Are the Best 8 Air Compressors for Air Tools?

Best Air Compressor for Air Tools

If you are not used to using air tools, you may not know how much you need an air compressor. Whether it’s a portable air compressor or a big gallon air compressor, these products are needed to complete many of our everyday tasks.

DIYers often struggle to find the best air compressor for them since not all air compressors are fit for every situation. Some are perfect for pneumatic tools and domestic things, and others are better for professional projects. However, it’s not always easy to find the right machine to go for. 

One air compressor could be the best on the market but still not be a good purchase for what you need to do. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about that anymore since we are here to help you. Read this page to know the best eight air compressors for air-hungry tools!

Which Tools Require Compressed Air?

When a pneumatic tool needs compressed air to work, you need to get an air compressor. Therefore, construction workers and people doing DIY projects at home need an air compressor to keep doing their job. The best way to pick a decent air compressor for the tool you want to use is by checking the air volume and CFM the tool needs.

Here are the most common tools that need air compressors to work:

  • Angle grinder
  • Air sander
  • Air hammer
  • Staple gun
  • Framing nailer
  • Pneumatic grease gun
  • Paint sprayers

You can even optimize other tools by giving the product a better air delivery, so don’t hesitate to try it!

What's the Best Air Compressor for Air-Hungry Tools

What's the Best Air Compressor for Air-Hungry Tools?

Researching what the best air compressor for people is can be a nuisance for some. There are far too many options on the market, and reviews can contradict each other at times.

We are here to help you! Below you can find a list of the best air compressors for domestic tools, so pick the one you like better. Each product on this list is of decent quality, so don’t worry about the air compressor not being a decent fit for the task.

#1 California Air Tools 8010

California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air Compressor | Ultra Quiet, Oil-Free, 1.0 hp, 8 gal
The California Air Tools 8010 is the overall best Oil-Free air compressor you can get for your home tools. This product is a corded electric one, so you can only use it through a cord. Its tank capacity is eight gallons, but it’s still a lightweight tank.

Apart from giving you an off-the-charts air delivery, this air compressor includes a wheel kit and an air filter. You don’t need to clean it that much since it also has an oil-free pump. Noise is not an issue with this item, either, which makes it perfect for places where noise can become a problem.

Regardless of that, take into account that the kit that comes with the compressor doesn’t include an air hose. Air compressors work differently depending on the situation. Fortunately, this eight-gallon air compressor maintains its quality and uses a thermal overload protection feature when you use it in cold weather.

#2 Bostitch-BTFP02012

This air compressor’s tank size is smaller than the previous one on this list, but that’s not something you should worry about. Even if it only has a six-gallon capacity, the Bostitch- BTFP02012 is one of the best air compressors you can find on the market.

You don’t need your air compressor to be the biggest one out there to work. Size is most times something irrelevant when talking about air compressors. The Bostitch model is a portable compressor, and it does its job perfectly.

Portable air compressors are excellent for DIYers and people who don’t work at a specific place since they can take them to any place they want without putting a lot of effort into it. Getting a small-size air compressor is also a good thing if you are not that experienced with this kind of product. Its six-gallon tank includes an oil-free pump that enhances maximum pressure and doesn’t require that much maintenance.

This small air compressor works well with almost every air tool, even if it has its CFM at 90 PSI. The reason for that is its oil-lubricated pump and high-quality drain valve.

#3 CRAFTSMAN CMXECXA0232043 Air Compressor

The CRAFTSMAN CMXECXA -232-43 is one of the air compressors with the highest capacity on this list, having 20 gallons available for its users.

This product’s maximum air pressure is decent among PSI tanks but still doesn’t make a lot of noise while it’s on. However, one of the best things about this compressor is that it’s strong and durable.

You can use this CRAFTSMAN air compressor to clean or inflate anything you want to. Therefore, it’s useful for both households and professional workshops. Regardless of that, you shouldn’t use this compressor for professional projects unless you already know how to use it perfectly.

Like other compressors, this alternative features a high flow regulator that checks operating pressure and the pressure gauge. This good air compressor is still oil-lubricated, so it counts with an increased air intake.

The product’s 20-gallon tank features a twin-cylinder pump, so it doesn’t leak air normally. An air compressor leaks air when there’s an internal malfunction, so you should keep an eye on that.

#4 Campbell Hausfeld DC090500 Air Compressor

Using the Campbell Hausfeld DC090500 for your pneumatic tools makes those tools more effective than ever.

This hot dog air compressor is eight gallons, which is the same as most air compressor tanks. Noise-level air compressors can not only annoy you but also disturb your neighbors and any people close to you while you use the compressor. However, this is a quiet compressor, so it has the opposite effect.

The product’s tank size doesn’t support industrial air, but this is still an oil-free compressor, so you don’t need to worry about that.

#5 Porter-Cable C2002-WK Pancake Air Compressor

The Porter-Cable C2002 is a perfect example that the size of a product doesn’t determine how strong it is. Most air compressors made to treat professional projects are big and noisy, but portable machines are also perfect for the job.

Air pressure is not an issue with this machine, and its recovery time allows you to work for a longer time without worrying about its runtime. However, this product shines when working with pneumatic tools and related projects since it can optimize the tools you use and give you top-notch air delivery.

Unlike other products on this list, this machine is not oil-free. Instead, it features an oil-lubricated pump that requires more maintenance but gives you more air power.

#6 DEWALT DXCMPA1982054 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor

DeWalt has helped tons of woodworkers and DIYers thanks to its effective machines. Fans of this company understand that having the DeWalt name on an item means that the product is a release of excellent quality and is also highly resistant.

Stationary air compressors are not an exception to that, so this item could be the right air compressor for you. It has all the air compressor features you would need to power air tools.

The DeWalt DXCMPA 1982054 has a dual voltage motor that can switch between a 120-volt outlet and a 240 application whenever you need to.

#7 California Air Tools CAT-20015HP

California Air Tools is one of the best compressor brands on the market, and you can see that by analyzing the California Air Tools CAT-4620AC. Like the other California product on this list, this is a quiet air compressor, so neighbors are not even going to notice it.

Despite having a small tank capacity, that doesn’t affect how much air you can enjoy from this product. Apart from that, it makes less noise than machines with better tank gauges and pressure gauges without compromising its quality. You can buy it if you often find yourself inflating car tires.

#8 Senco PC1010 1-HP

Getting to the end of this list, we have the Senco PC1010. Like other products on this page, the Senco compressor is lightweight and portable, so you can take it wherever you need it. However, being lightweight doesn’t compromise its horsepower, so don’t worry about that matter.

This product is ideal for renovation and home improvement jobs, so it’s perfect for DIYers and people who often find themselves using air-hungry tools at home.

Domestic electric compressors don’t manage industrial air but are perfect for other pneumatic tools. However, this product has a one-year warranty in case you don’t like it.


As you could see, there are many domestic compressors available for you any time you need them. Regardless of that, you should always check if the compressor you are getting has the right CFM for the tool you need to use.

Whether it’s a pneumatic nail gun or spray gun, you need the best machine to compress and deliver air, so don’t hesitate to invest in the best compressor you can afford.

Each one of the products named before is of excellent quality, so pick the one you feel more comfortable with and enjoy the pressurized air your tools need to work.

Dive into our website to know more things about air compressors and other construction tools! We are the Air Compressor Club, and we have all the compressors you need for your tools, so check out our catalog!

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