Best Portable Air Compressors of 2017 (Reviews + Pros/Cons)

Portable air compressors help in multiple things like filling tires, stapling, brad nailing, airbrushing and much more. They are one of the indispensable tools of every house and office. Sooner or later you need to get your hands on a portable air compressor for your office/home that can fulfil all your requirements and fit your budget as well.

Best Portable Air Compressors of 2017

Best Air Compressors of 2017

For a reliable air compressor, you have to search many markets, and you will become tired of doing this thing. To limit the hassle, we have chosen the top 10 best air compressors for review with details. You can read about their important features before buying one.

Porter Cable PCFP02003 The Pancake Compressor

If you want to buy the best compressor at an affordable price, then this product will meet the criteria. Have a look at its basic attributes.


  • Easy to use: It is the thinnest compressor that weighs only 28 pounds. The recessed handle will make your work easier.
  • Works with small AMP: It operates on a very cheap amp and 120-volt It will save much of your electricity cost.
  • PSI Pump: This portable air compressor can deliver compressed air at almost 90 PSI pump with the help of 3.5-gallon tank.
  • This portable air compressor fills up in 1.5 minutes.
  • It has oil-free pump design that makes them best.
  • The price is quite high.

California CAT10020 Air Tools Ultra Quiet & Oil Free

It is a high-quality base compressor with a powerful 2.0 HP running motor and an easy start valve.



  • Almost no sound: It only generates a 70 decibel sound that is almost a non-noisy frequency.
  • Oil-free Pump: The oil-free pump in this compressor decreases the need of maintenance.
  • 3000 hours lifetime: It can work up to 3000 hours of its life. That’s quite impressive.
  • It can work on 1580 revolutions per minute that cut time factor.
  • It is running on almost two horsepower in industry.
  • The handle bar is not perfect for grip.
  • Price is high.


Campbell Hausfeld Portable FP209499 Compressor

Campbell creates reliable easy to use air compressors. Their Hausfeld is an oil-free model that requires less power to operate.


  • Oil-free compressor: It has an oil-free compressor that helps in the motor maintenance.
  • Multiple uses: This compressor is equally fit for filling tires, stapling, brad nailing, airbrushing and a range of other things.
  • Low amperage engine: it can work on 120 volts that make it low amperage engine and efficient in saving electricity.
  • The perfect grip will make your work easier.
  • The engine does not heat up due to the use of modern technology.
  • It is very hard to clean up because of messy pipes.


Makita Big Bore MAC2400

This one has a solid construction and high reputation in the industry.\


  • Tank Capacity: It has 2-gallon twin cylinders that will give you maximum power in doing your work.
  • RPM: It has 1720 revolutions per minute that make them perfect for efficient tasks and also cuts the time factor.
  • Runs on low power: It can work on little power due to the high performing engine.
  • It uses 2.5 horsepower and hence strong enough to run many tools.
  • Twin cylinders for speedy work.
  • Its recovery time is satisfactory.
  • The grip is not perfect.
  • It is also expensive.
  • It’s a bit heavy.

Senco Compressor PC1131 Of 4.3 Gallons

It is the perfect choice for applications like finish and framing and works with a high level of efficiency.


  • Better RPM: It has the best RPM count in comparison to others of 3400 and retains 2.5HP for its motors.
  • 3-gallon tank: It has 4.3-gallon air tank that is suitable for tools which need a short and intermittent burst of air.
  • 14 amperes to run: It runs on 14 amperes which can help you in saving your electricity power.
  • It is the most efficient air compressor in the market.
  • Its safety valve relieves pressure if compressed air reaches a certain level.
  • It is quite a heavyweight air-compressor.


Makita MAC5200 Big Air Compressor  With 3.0HP

It is one of those air compressors in the market that have horsepower greater than 2.5 and a larger bore and stroke than average. It fits people who need an air compressor that is easy to wheel.


  • 0HP: Its 3.0 horsepower will surely make your work comfortable and much easier.
  • Big Air-Compressor Tank: It has the most prominent air tank that will make your job convenient in long-term.
  • Eight-inch pneumatic wheels: It has 8-inch pneumatic wheels, unlike others. It will help users to drag machine to any place they exactly want.
  • Rugged construction.
  • It has HP greater than 2.5 which means that it has high-quality
  • It is a bit noisy.
  • The pump needs maintenance for long-term usage.

California Air Tool Ultra And Oil Free CAT 6310

California-6310 boasts to be the quietest air compressor in the market. It’s an all-rounder and performs well in a home and a workshop both.


  • Thermal Overload Protector: It has a thermal overload protector and dual cylinders with an RPM of 1680 that will make your work quite easy.
  • Require 7.6 AMPs on startup: This machine requires only 7.7 amperes for startup. It also has heat dissolving ability which is a bonus.
  • Low-weight: It only has a 49-pound Plus its large wheels and handle, make it quite a portable compressor machine.
  • It’s easy to assemble and relatively quick to fill.
  • It is also an energy-efficient machine with very less wear and tears.
  • It has only 60 decibel sound.
  • The rubber grip on the handle is not glued on.
  • The tank is not oil free. You have to keep up tank regularly for long-term usage.
  • The angle of pressure gauges makes it difficult to view the readings.

Makita MAC5200 Big Compressor With 2.5HP

If you are willing to buy an air compressor at an affordable price, then you have to buy this. It is best for home purposes and also offices.


  • No sound: It only generates a 60 decibel sound that is almost a non-noisy frequency. You can make your work easier and relax with this feature. You will love to use this compressor.
  • Oil-free Pump: It has an oil-free pump, and therefore, the maintenance charges are low.
  • Increased Lifetime: It can work up to 3000 hours of its life, according to a test taken by the company. That’s quite remarkable as it can save plenty of your money in replacements.
  • It has an efficient grip.
  • Very easy to maintain.
  • It has the lowest sound that will help you in making your work easier.
  • It is not readily available in the market.


Makita MAC700 Big Bore Air Compressor With 2.0HP

It is Makita’s one of the most powerful and versatile air compressor.


  • Oil-free compressor: It has an oil-free compressor that lowers the motor’s maintenance cost.
  • It has multiple uses: This compressor is best for filling tires, stapling, brad nailing, airbrushing and other multiple uses.
  • Low Amperage Engine: It draws only 120 volts at full load which is quite great because it protects the circuit breaker from tripping and saves electricity too.
  • Oil lubricated compressors usually have longer life-spans.
  • It is also efficient for the best air storage.
  • It makes as little noise as possible.
  • The handle bar is not so perfect for grip.
  • A bit heavy and bulky.
  • It runs at 1750 RPM which is little less than the competitive products with similar specs.


Rotair JC10 HP Oilless Compressor

It is one of the smallest air compressors in the market. It comes with overload protection and known as the quietest in its range.


  • 5-gallon tank: It has 2.5-gallon tank capacity and a 1725 rotation per minute motor.
  • Exterior: It has a durable cast aluminium cylinder and still weighs only 42 pounds.
  • Oil-less Design: This reduces downtime and unnecessary maintenance.
  • Due to its light weight, it’s very portable.
  • It is also efficient and can handle heavy work.
  • It has a full roll cage that can withstand many blows.
  • Its vibration- dampening feet may leave smudges on surfaces.
  • The drain valve sometimes comes with factory defects.
  • For professional applications, it’s not much recommended. However, for home users, it’s an ideal choice.

These are so many air compressors available in the market and hence the confusion to decide which one to pick. The best approach is that you should know what you are looking for in an air compressor. Each air compressor mentioned above has its specifications that differ in power, noise levels, ease of portability, air volume, PSI level, tank storage capacity, electricity consumption, etc. Once you have decided the acceptable range for all these features, you can easily select the air-compressor for your household and other activities. An easy rule of thumb is that heavy applications usually need an air compressor with a big storage tank, high power and PSI whereas lighter workloads can survive on low PSI, CFM and tank size and power.